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tir. 15. nov.


Sliperiet Larvik


Hilde Ingeborg Sandvold Utsatt! Ny dato i 2023 kommer!


Tid og sted

15. nov. 2022, 18:00 – 19:00

Sliperiet Larvik, Hammergata 15, 3264 Larvik, Norge

Om arrangementet

GRÅTT is a choreographic work deriving from the experience of stress and how it affects us mentally and physically. The piece is made for the contemporary adult, younger and older. It is designed to make the audience feel their bodies and to provoke conversation: why are so many of us stressed, out of touch?

GRÅTT happens in a raw room - empty, apart from a line of LED «neon»-strips along one side, a small silver vase and a furry curtain. The room is lonely and tense. Sounds by composer Bernt Isak Wærstad disturbs us, integrates with, and make us aware of the sounds naturally present in the room. In this unreliable space, performer Hilde I. Sandvold takes us on a troubled journey - agonizing, embarrassing and funny. She moves through intricate material with intensity and speed, constantly shifting, like obsessed or paranoid. With a strong performative presence, she takes us through invented pains, dense silence, and bad jokes - in an intense introspection of the flesh.

With its many sudden changes of intensity, state and modes of communication, GRÅTT keeps the audience awake, and offers a range of doors into its material.

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